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Welcome to the VeVe KYC + Payout Guide!

Here you will find resources to help guide you through the account verification process (KYC) and requirements for Payout. If you are an iOS user you will need to KYC on VeVe web.

Starting 31 July, 2022, only KYC verified users will be able to access all VeVe features including participating in drops and buying & selling in the Market. 


Additional Payout Information:

  • Payout is only available on the VeVe Web App and can be found in Profile -> Settings -> Payout.
  • To qualify for Payout, you must have a balance of 1,000 Gems and be in a supported country
  • If you are in country which uses the IBAN standard for bank account numbers, you'll need to use your IBAN when entering your bank account number in the Payout screen. IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number, which you can use when making or receiving international payments.